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Hello, hello, hello... guess who’s back, ladies and gentlemen?  It is I, Adigun Azikiwe Polack ( AdigunPolack ), official founder of our :icondigitalbrilliance: group, and after rather about a full, FULL year having suffered massively through tons upon tons of bedbugs and their many horrible, horrible blood-draining bites, I have indeed returned to the entire business of running things as proper like I have always, always done on this dA Digital Art group that ever-splendidly inspires quite some the greatest and freshest creativity and first-class resplendence in digital art quality, design, originality, technique, and execution anywhere as such a grandly masterful inspiration and blessing to all of you awesomely rather fantastic deviantART community since its debut quite a ways back on December 2009!!!  And speaking for myself a bit, I CANNOT even wait to finally get back on track and on task quite indeed in full, full bloom... LET’S ALL DO THIS TOGETHER!!!  :hug: :thumbsup: !!!

Alright. Throughout this past year up to around now — mainly from Summer 2012 all the way to April/May 2013 or so — me and my mom had been insufferably plagued by literally hundreds to thousands of utterly unsanitary, egg/crap laying, blood-sucking bedbugs most HORRIBLY (we were covered and covered with such revolting, nauseating bites all over our bare bodies, day-in, day-out!!) before we diligently stood our ground at our most strongest on a serious day-to-day basis and finally came real close to getting literally rid of them all at last (more information how me and my mom overcame that plague together indeed can be read for you entirely on my special 2013 birthday journal piece on dA right here:… )... no wonder I did not even stand anywhere remotely near a clear chance halfway of running this group or signing any new members in, at all, due to all the sheer stress and horror of all those uncertainty-causing, vile-ass insects that I had NEVER even encountered before in all of my life whatsoever!!!  Come to think of it, my mom had never encountered such nasties like that in the seven (7) years since she first moved to her own apartment as her current permanent residence, with me moving there since October/November 2011.  But, where the bedbugs suddenly came in for the very first rather time was when one of my mom’s cats accidentally went out in a severe, weed-choked backyard (behind the house) for a WHOLE DAY straight from near the start of the Summer of 2012, which might have in one way or another harbored those pests and brought them in when that cat there came back home a few days later. :omg: That was where the long-term problem first began and the reason why I had massively suffered eventually from serious insomnia issues where I just could not even sleep in bed for straight days, weeks, and even months period without getting bit and eaten alive by bedbugs nonstop.  Period.

And just rather, rather recently this very month currently of September 2013, I have been real, real quite sick in my throat and head those past couple of days just this week alone... because when the landlord and one of the workers installed the new flooring over this past weekend of the only one bathroom in my mom’s house that I am living in, not only did they do a very piss-poor job because the new floor color and cheap-wood decors looked hideous and rather appallingly ghastly with exposed bits of white glue around the toilet and the tub (as my mom later found out immediately when she came home from work at midnight... she was FURIOUS!!!  :x !! ), but it left a horrible, ever-lingering chemical smell that did make me sick indeed for at least a few days as well as some serious post-nasal drip... I mean, how fricking plain stupid can those workers be, hmmm!?  :no: !!

Since then, not only have I been spitting and spitting out lots upon lots of gross yellow phlegm that had been deeply embedded in my throat as a result of that chemical smell from the bathroom since that repulsive-looking new floor was installed there recently, but I have *also* been most seriously drinking at least two (2) to three (3) cups of nice, hot Lipton-brand tea a day, too... and you know what now, it really REALLY helped me in getting better again physically in as full as ever.  And now, here I am, all better right now with my breathing cleared up and the phlegm gone.  All clear, in other words!!!  :floating: :peace: !!!

And further still, having already suffered a nasty, nastily deplorable bedbug problem for almost and just about an ENTIRE year straight, it sure took me around quite literally several whole months straight for me to even make a serious recovery from those most disgustingly vile pests — especially after you first get rid of them all around the entire house of your own, because 1) bedbugs are so, so, so hard to get rid of, as they hide in well-hidden nooks and crannies around the house and even your bed and wall as well when you least expect it whatsoever; and 2) while they are usually known NEVER to cause any diseases, they can apparently spread germs when they bite you and leave nasty red marks on you in the process as they fill their little bodies with your blood in the process like such inflated, disgustingly sickening balloons... even when you feel absolutely nothing from your sleep at all!!!  :wow: !!  (I’ve learned that from my mom, who is currently just over 50 years old and is quite a brilliantly wise lady indeed!!!  :cuddle: !! )

I FLATLY, FLATLY, *FLATLY* HATE BEDBUGS.  Period, final, that is it.  :furious:  And that is all-the-even-more truer indeed since up to where the whole problem started last year, I had never, ever, ever encountered even a slightest one of those tiny-to-microscopic insects before in my whole entire life.  At all.

Please, do understand what I am going through here, ladies and gentlemen... I do not want to have to suffer like that again, because it severely, severely, severely massively 1) interfered with me running digitalBRILLIANCE; 2) interfered rudely with developing my own artwork creations; and 3) also caused me such serious distress at that long period of time.  I am just, just GLAD that none of those bedbugs actually got inside of my current and only $500-550 computer, that’s for sure... I mean, they certainly would have made a big-time mess of things there and destroyed my processor, which thankfully did not happen.  Amazing.  :phew: !!!

And all that is why I did not even have a ghost of a shot at running this digitalBRILLIANCE group as effectively as I should have, mainly because I had suffered unbelievably from not only from hundreds to thousands of bedbugs, but also from a sudden serious head/throat sickness just this past weekend indeed as well.  And it is *surely* not a fun place to be slogging and slogging through all those damned bites and illnesses indeed, let’s get that absolutely right!!  I mean, NO ONE should even have to suffer that at all.  :no:

Now, however, I WILL MOST UNDENIABLY FIGHT BACK and take full control of this group with our digitalBRILLIANCE admins including our greatly magnificent Aeirmid who is doing quite a rather fantastic job in working with me by the way, continuing to bring you and inspire you with a whole lot more of the rather best-quality digital artwork possible... and then some.  All for you, as such a sheer absolute blessing indeed like I am supposed to on a day-by-every-single-day basis.  Please, everybody, stand with me on this one, and let us make this group a MUCH, MUCH better and more rather enjoyable place for such a purpose in which it wholly specializes in showcasing some of the most brilliantly fascinating and most excellent digital artistry ever created on this art community today, to inspire as many artists as ever to create something so truly innovative and cutting-edge in the world of Digital Art indeed, as always!!!  :huggle: :star: !!!

And, my wholehearted deepest congratulations personally to my ever-dearest Gwendolyn12 ( :icongwendolyn12: ) who just last week is our VERY NEWEST Manga/Anime CV (Community Volunteer), which means that she will be manning the charge in our main Manga/Anime galleries on dA with Damaged927 and rydi1689... from all of us here at digitalBRILLIANCE, let us wish her such utterly phenomenal success and good fortune in her new position, as we believe that she can do rather awesomely well here and then some!!!

:clap: :clap: :clap: :rose: :bow: :rose: :clap: :clap: :clap:
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How do I join #digitalBRILLIANCE as a member?

Membership to this group is by invitation only.

So, if you are interested in becoming a new member on digitalBRILLIANCE, please note us here about it using the dA Notes system, and we’ll see if we can arrange that for you, ok?  :D

Looking forward to seeing you there soon!!!  :hug: :thumbsup: !!

How do I submit an artwork to #digitalBRILLIANCE?

If you are logged on to dA, here is what to do if you want your digital artwork to be accepted for our group:

    Click only the “Suggest a Fave” button that is located on the dark blue box near the *very* top of our group’s front page (just look for the large yellow star there, too!).  An art selection box will soon appear where you can highlight and choose a digital artwork that you think is impressive-quality enough to make it into our favorites gallery for this group indeed.  Once it is submitted, we will then review your work to see whether it makes the cut with us or not. And because we aim for and maintain a high standard in our group, we are looking for the excellent and most brilliant-quality digital artworks to recommend for digitalBRILLIANCE indeed.  :D :thumbsup: There is also a maximum limit of SEVEN (7) artworks per day, so please choose your best-quality submissions carefully!!  :nod: Please keep in mind that while we *do* accept digital artworks with Mature Content as well, I want ABSOLUTELY NO PORN (this includes anything that borders into pornography, too!), please. Also, I do not want any hate art or any piece that is in violation of dA’s Terms Of Service (read here, please:…, got it? :aww:

If your artwork choice impresses us enough to recommend it, expect it to go on digitalBRILLIANCE as at least a regular fave with us!!!  :D :heart:

As well, the special front-features are specially chosen by either me (AdigunPolack), PurpelBlur, archanN, Lilyas, or Aeirmid alone, and it goes to the most outstanding and truly mind-blowing digital artworks with exceptionally top-notch quality that we feel deserve such a feature indeed.  For this reason, the “Submit Art” button is closed for both members and contributors, in order for us to help maintain our high standards for this dA group... please keep this very important thing in mind as you suggest a digital artwork, okay now?  :floating:

For photomanipulations, make thoroughly sure please that ALL proper credits are given for the sources used before submitting them into this group, otherwise they will *not* be reviewed.  Very important now, as we want to make sure to keep the integrity going strong right here!!!  :nod: !

NOTE: Traditional art or Photography will *not* be accepted for our group at all.  Remember, we are looking for DIGITAL artworks indeed, alright please?  :) !

As for Customization/Wallpaper, we will only give it the potential of being accepted if the wallpaper art was originally created on the computer digitally from start to finish... do keep that in mind now.

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Do not forget to check out these AWESOME digital-art groups that you should be visiting in this art community as well: they all feature so many excellent, excellent-quality digital works that you need to check out, so be sure not to miss them indeed!!!  :couch: :cuddle: :+favlove: !!






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