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Have you ever been bullied JUST for creating art?

Journal Entry: Fri May 23, 2014, 11:38 PM
Right up front, many ladies and gentlemen, I quite personally want to begin this VERY all-important special report on digitalBRILLIANCE by addressing both your focus and attention first of all to this utterly and most masterfully plain spectacular piece of digital work by LittlePurplePlums entitled “Broken Adults”:

Broken Adults by LittlePurplePlums which this interactive Flash-comic artwork TRULY grandly touches my heart in a very, very, *very* rather flat-out special way to me personally literally unlike anything that I have ever, EVER seen period in the 7+ years that I have been on deviantART since I had first signed on to this entire art community back in 2006... and that was from the moment that I had first read this entire piece just this year; and most absolutely take a good thorough look at that incredible, incredible work and read it all the way through from beginning to end, because flatly no other piece had completely and most gigantically impacted me and resonated with me quite totally intimately and poetically as utterly deeply as this one in all of my years in this entire art community.  Utter period, because my heart most extremely goes out to the main female adult character in the comic who did not deserve to be bullied in any way, shape, or form at all, nor did she even half-deserve to be emotionally scarred apart in the entire process, too!!  In rather serious fact, it further resonates rather intimately with me very, VERY most personally going through the unbelievably very horrible internet-based bullying that was forcefully inflicted on me in 2013 all throughout in which it brutally robbed me from creating ANY new artworks on deviantART from this entire past year alone, in which there was some guy named ‘Ace’ from some recklessly bizarre and outrageously crackbrained internet  “porn fetish”-based forumboard elsewhere that is so literally, blatantly, and most completely sexually obsessed like such a lewdly reprobate narcotic with seeing/creating countless many portrayals of women as nothing more than just degrading sexual objects only to be very potentially and perhaps even literally swallowed alive (or at least very rather plain close to it!) in many different types of quicksand and deep gaping bogs like something catastrophically worse than an already inherently copycat and most maddeningly obsolete TV-/movie-/book-/game-/anime-based quicksand peril to begin with — I am *NOT* even half-kidding, as that other forumboard there is run by the entire YouTube/internet quicksand porn-fetish community that deliberately jerk themselves off to this on their own, believe it or not!!!  :wow: !!!  Downright plain unnerving.  And there, ‘Ace’ severely attacked me and even tried to completely assassinate both my own digital artistry and even my own personal character as well, all simply for the way that I do my own artworks on deviantART from the very first time he has seen them in my dA art gallery as just a regular dA visitor, to which he flat-out had the utter plain deplorable nerve to literally say about me in his own message on that very forumboard of theirs from Thursday, January 3rd, 2013 in which ‘Ace’ himself said this entire ‘blanket’ statement (believe it or not!!):

Oh my god, please, not that guy. That dude is the most pompous "artist" I've ever seen in all my life. Just go to his page and read literally any paragraph about literally any one of his works. He acts like a parody of a snooty artist snob, only way way more over the top. He's seriously in love with himself and his works, talks them up like they're amazing (which they're not), and even refers to himself in the third person sometimes. I wish I were kidding.

Also, he publicly denounces the fetish-ization of quicksand, calling quicksand fetishists sickos, vile-ass perverts, etc. Yet, based on literally every single piece of art of his, he seems to be completely obsessed with both quicksand and sexuality. Just not in the peril aspect of it I guess, and therefore it's cool for him, but we're the filthy scum. And he vehemently protests to quicksand as a fetish and the community too. Like, a suspicious amount of protesting going on. Kinda familiar of all the religious and political figures over the years that have enthusiastically protested homosexuality only to be caught with a male prostitute themselves.

WHAT!?!!  “Most pompous "artist"” he dares to calls me!?   “A parody of a snooty artist snob, only way way more over the top”!?  The fatally so-called “fetish-ization of quicksand” as he most inherently calls it as a systematically rotten porn/BDSM/XXX fetish!?!  “Caught with a male prostitute”, he *also* says about me!?!  How much UTTER, UTTERLY DEHUMANIZING CALLOUS LYING BULLSHIT is all this coming from ‘Ace’ himself!?!!  :upset: !!

And by ‘community’ that ‘Ace’ was quite assuredly talking about from within his own entire slanderously ghastly message that he wrote about me there, he is indeed most specifically talking about the *entire* YouTube/internet quicksand porn-fetish community, and not our very own deviantART community in any way, shape or form at all.  That is in reality what he completely clearly said about on that whole entire thing in terms of where all of his bread gets buttered there, so to speak.

Additionally, as for that apocalyptically repugnant-ass condescension of a statement from ‘Ace’ in which he said about both me and *all* of my artworks in general:

...based on literally every single piece of art of his, he seems to be completely obsessed with both quicksand and sexuality. Just not in the peril aspect of it I guess, and therefore it's cool for him...

...that is just TOTALLY AND FLATLY 100% MOST WHOPPINGLY OUTRIGHT FALSE, whereby he severely undercuts and even completely throws away any true meaning behind my many artworks on dA to the permanently dangerous point that he maliciously and patronizingly tears me down even further and further on purpose, without any shame of his whatsoever!!!  Plus, if he expects me to create a quicksand-peril artwork — let alone even draw a woman actually bound/gagged and left alone to sink and perhaps drown in a quicksand, deep bog, or even a tarpit... WHICH I WILL MOST FLATLY *NOT* DO PERIOD since it is just so monumentally plain vile and atrocious right there (even to me indeed, too!!!), quite frankly and very personally — to please his petulantly sick and most noxiously utterly deluded whacko-ass ‘fetish’, he is rather both crazily and mentally out of his own plain league even way more gravely than he already and most catastrophically has in his very own pugnaciously reprehensible making in the way he already typed that entire snarky-ass comment about me to start with on his patently dross quicksand-porn ‘forumboard’ on the internet, fully, because I do not and ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT create those overly clichéd and rubbish types of works... metaphor or not.  I mean, not even in a million mother-fricking years, seriously!!!  And that is my flat-out final, *final* decision on that; no changing it whatsoever.  Wow, is he that spectacularly damned blind or what!?!  Disbelief  Talk about a backstabbing, downright underhanded, and most contumeliously gutless piece of work on a level hitherto unseen, that jackass guy, as he *really* rushed the net wayyyyyyy too far for his rather own good, because if you look through my own dA artworks gallery in its fullest entirety from start to finish, you can well-easily see that NOT ALL of my artworks featured are even quicksand-related at all; perhaps that sorry-assed cur should have really known that instead of him getting all plain fucking snicky and so hotheadedly forsaken-damned arrogant in entirety so as for him to make up such cruelly rudest crap about it all in the first place on his own.  WHAT a most disgustingly grossest boldfaced disingenuous lie from ‘Ace’ that I have ever completely heard in LITERALLY all of my very, very life... wow, am I most spectacularly insulted!!!  Angered !!!

That is *exactly* why this kind of stinking bullying and character assassination from ‘Ace’ is NOT to even be remotely tolerated in the very absolute least, as it is such a degradingly contemptuous attack not only against me, but against all creative artistry in general.  PERIOD.  So let’s all stand up and rise on high against that sacrilegious abuse together, because that is how very, *very* plain downright angry I am right here!!!

In fact, I am so extremely and flatly pissed off most gigantically with all that jarringly wrongheaded discrimination from ‘Ace’ indeed, that we all need to turn the serious tide all the way against all such brazen negativity like that, and just START fostering some real and positive artistic creativity amongst every single last one of us, as a most excellent first-line of defense towards actually ending all types of bullying worldwide for good.  IT CAN BE DONE right here and right now, people, so let’s fricking do this!!!  :D :thumbsup: !!!

And when you take into serious, serious consideration as well that me and my mom both had been catastrophically suffering from literally hundreds to thousands of bedbugs and all their horrendous blood-sucking bites from the Summer of 2012 all the way to around the Autumn of 2013 straight (where me and my mom *finally* got rid of them all completely for good, quite thankfully!!!), and also that all those nonstop bedbug bites throughout it all had there caused some serious health complications in addition to me being utterly horribly bullied by ‘Ace’, it is nothing short of a sheer and total miracle that I *did not* end up either taking down my entire gallery or even closing down my deviantART account at all as a result of all those attacks that I was most horrendously forced to endure all throughout 2013 period.  EVER.  That was how utterly close I came right there!!!  :phew:

No wonder I did not even have a slightest ghost of even have a chance of even creating a SINGLE damn new artwork on deviantART in 2013.  AT ALL.  :crying: !!!

So overall, the real and most literal reason why that guy massively bullied me online and relentlessly ripped me up and down most deliberately in the process is most simply because 1) I was ONLY expressing my creativity quite innocently in my own artworks in many unusually fascinating and very beautiful new ways never before seen in ANY art form at all period; and 2) I was even implementing the softest, viscous, creamy, very gooey substance(s) of quicksand to symbolize the amazingly quite captivating and most artistically powerful resurrection of women in many positive, positive ways, like my artwork on deviantART of “La Brea Woman Awakening - Ultimate Master Revision” from May 2012, for example:

La Brea Woman Awakening - Ultimate Master Revision by AdigunPolack  

...which simply used a vast, bottomless, shiny, oily, quite sticky jet-black quicksand of such warming melted viscous liquid pitch to actually symbolize the great, great glorious resurrection of the very beautiful living feminine adult spirit of La Brea Woman as she slowly rose from the quaking, molasses-like, and thickly rippling tar in a rather meaningful, most upliftingly positive manner that was set in a far-distant prehistoric era; and also another artwork of mine called “Quicksand Goddess and her Dragon Husband of Clay” also from 2012:

Quicksand Goddess and her Dragon Husband of Clay by AdigunPolack

...where there was a greatly resplendent aura of intimacy and passion emanating between the all-magnificent, mighty Celestial Quicksand Goddess and her immortally beloved Divine Dragon Husband of Clay, as they deeply celebrated their great love eternally for each other on purpose and became one together in such rhythmically divine, blissful harmony as husband and wife who have such richest and ever-intimate respect for each other, as *two* different types of quicksands were used just to help truly emblemize that very purpose alone in that strangely most ever-surreal work of mine — all without turning pornographic or ‘fetishy’ at all whatsoever.  Ever.  Nod  And so for ‘Ace’ there to flat-out say what he said about me there regarding my own artworks is just outrageously damned offensive and so disastrously egregious on him ( :x (Mad) ! )... and yet, that does not even BEGIN to cover the extremely massive and most unbelievably profound extent to which he bullied me and even falsely scandalized me as well just because I implemented quicksand a very, *very* specific way only to symbolize the amazing love and sacred erotic purity between a husband and his own wife who are married to each other in such purest, purest intimate matrimony just like in my current 2014 artwork of “The Intimate Melding of the Quicksand Spirits” that I had truly created (using ONLY a mouse alone with NO drawing tablet period!!  Aww Thumbs Up !! ) as finally my rather first entirely brand-new piece on deviantART in *literally* over a year:

The Intimate Melding of the Quicksand Spirits by AdigunPolack

...all WITHOUT the overly hackneyed, blatantly copycat, stereotype, obsolete, dead-in-the-water “TV/movie”-based quicksand peril period ( :D (Big Grin) Peace !! ) , and also without turning into even a slightest little porn-fetish at all whatsoever.  Now *THIS* IS TRUE ART in its most purest, incorruptible form right there on the way that I indeed do create my artworks on dA, ladies and gentlemen, rather flatly instead of what ‘Ace’ even says (or has said, either!!) about my own creations at all, one way or the other... don’t you honestly quite agree?  :hug: :star: !!!

So no, I DO NOT do what is even remotely popular (belief- or media-wise) when it comes to the entire subject of “quicksand” at all, either.  I mean, that is what makes me all the more unique and brilliantly damn original in many spectacularly fascinating new ways, so please do keep that in mind as I go along, please.  And I am not one to make even the slightest protests or hold up any picket signs like that, either.  This is deviantART ( :dalogo: ); not deviantPOLITICS.  Thus, in this entire art community of dA, I just create brilliant artworks on here as well as most joyfully inspire tons and tons of other people like you to successfully come up with something artistically wonderful and so creatively new and wildly exciting in such freshest, phenomenal, very non-clichéd, and most utterly captivating new ways in a most positive new light... all in excellently good taste (in fact, very truthfully, that is what our digitalBRILLIANCE group is mainly for, too!!!  Love Heart !! ).  That’s it!!

Really, let us get things crystal-clear and straight up once and for all forever: I, Adigun Azikiwe Polack, am NOT even remotely obsessed with either quicksand or sexuality at all, and I am certainly not anywhere near psychotic at all either.  Period, absolutely final.  Aww  Rather, I am a completely sober, fully grown-up man of 36 years of age and counting.  And as part of my overall art designing on deviantART, I merely only experiment with the artistic creation of bottomless, creamy, softest, viscous miry quicksand (and any thick and gooey subtances like that) to create very unusual yet MOST UTTERLY fascinating new originalities quite competently in more beautiful brand-new ways never before seen in any artwork form at all, like I just said earlier.

And yes, I very specifically base the many different bottomless quicksands that I do create in my artworks on their truest, real-time physics by wisely giving the deep and thick swampy bogholes a sure buoyancy point themselves by which an average human being can actually float in such softest viscid goo most weightlessly and even more convincingly greater than water alone.  Additionally, I *very* seriously treat quicksand and all thickeningly ever-slimy quaking jellified substances like that with the absolute total respect that it SO HUGELY deserves quite artistically, too.  Love Black Rose

To know me is to *really* understand my own true and original artwork style in the first place, as well as most vitally importantly the different fascinatingly lovely meanings behind each of my artworks on dA themselves... the way they were originally intended to be according to my own personal vision, artistry, quality, and overall execution.  Nothing else.  That is the main, truthful, ENTIRELY GOD-HONEST numero-uno factor; undeniably no exceptions whatsoever, as the same here is actually very true of any artist at all — including the *truly* bona-fide professional and compellingly more magnificent ones like GENZOMAN, Artgerm, Lilyas, MarcSimonetti, Aeirmid, tincek-marincek, JonasDeRo, loish, yumedust, LuneBleu, Wen-M, heise, StarsColdNight, DanLuVisiArt, Wesley-Souza, Mavrosh, Zeronis, sandara, KPEKEP, escume, xzendor7, and even IosifChezan as well for example, too!!!  Now THAT is called giving the artist an *unadulterated* equal opportunity if you ask me ( :cuddle: :thumbsup: :+favlove: !!! ), as I personally believe that this is what our deviantART community is flatly all about as it fosters such incredible creativity in the highest and most positive new designs of raw and most phenomenally purest artistic beauty that we together will ever, EVER create to inspire well over 30 million dA members worldwide!!!  :star: :floating: :star:  That is why there are many brand-newest Daily Deviation (DD) features every single day that show a lot of the most amazing art that is handpicked by our many Community Volunteers (or CVs) like Astralseed, Shue13, Gwendolyn12, and diphylla to name just four of them, as a most truly outstandingly wonderful example of exposing the entire, entire globe to all this ever-resplendent magic that happens on a day-to-day nonstop basis here in this entire SPECTACULARLY plain downright awesome art community indeed, let’s get that *quite* exactly right!!!  :love: :devart: Rose !!!

In other words on what I do within my own entire artwork creations in general, I am only quite specifically talking about using quicksand simply as ARTISTIC main creation for purposefully creating such magnificently special, compellingly quite refreshingly original, and even more powerful, most beautifully uplifting meanings to most positively and visually enhance the realms of what art should well be really all about in the very, very first place (as most definitely opposed to the all-too-obvious, overused, overworked, overhyped, cut-and-bone-dry ‘quicksand peril’ business that has been beaten and beaten to severe death repeatedly like an already dead horse, so to speak!); and most absolutely never as some fatally manufactured, cravenly depraved sexual internet fetish for anyone to jerk off or even masturbate to whatsoever at all — even in complete and utter secrecy either!!  Total end of rather story, final, and that is just plain flatly it period, as the difference is clearly night and day entirely, most plainly and very honestly on the whole.

Quicksand scenes simply *do not* create themselves, after all.  :aww: !!!

Now, having said all of that very specifically that I clearly said, ladies and gentlemen, I did NOT even use quicksand in any of my own artworks to please some foreign, no-good YouTube/internet quicksand-porn community.  Ever.  And no, none of my arts are even anywhere near a product of any of my own fantasies at all, either, good or bad.  All I said about why I implemented quicksand in my own certain many artworks, was to just simply FULLY ENHANCE CREATIVITY AND BRAND-NEW ORIGINALITY rather than turning it into either a slightest quicksand-peril or porn whatsoever... and that is rather importantly most critical to me, as this is just part of my sole, personal artistic vision as a hardest-working, yet currently most *brutally* underrated digital artist on dA for almost about eight (8) years straight.  And most importantly on this whole anti-bullying article that I am personally sharing with all of you ENTIRE deviantART community straight from the heart ( :hug: :thumbsup: !!! ), I said this time and time and time again, so here it is again to remind all of you here on digitalBRILLIANCE the most golden rule of thumb that I so absolutely truly follow with all of my very utter deepest and most dearest heart completely, which is this all-important thing that you all MUST DEFINITELY want to pay attention to ( Floating !! ):

If I do come across a deviation/artwork in this art community that I do not like or find too disturbing for my tastes, I just simply skip the picture without even talking/commenting about it at all, and just move on to a much better art piece to enjoy instead.  :nod: :rose:

That is for rather, RATHER sure, everybody!!!  Remember, motives!!  :D (Big Grin) Thumbs Up !!!

Is ‘Ace’ from some other community THAT incredibly jawdroppingly stupid!?!  :no: !!!  That cataclysmic ever-so-called joke of a person right there indeed had BETTER not even call me “dude” at all if he is gonna massively defame me, lethally shoot down all of my artworks as well as my overall and amazingly well-improved art quality of them, and act most astronomically flat-out disingenuous and draconian like this.  WHICH HE FLATLY PLAIN DID ON ALL COUNTS, and in a most unbearably plain intolerant way possible that is just absolutely and staggeringly most mind-blowing in literally all of my 7½+ years as a real and most truest artist on deviantART *and* in literally all of my life as well!!!  Just listening to that guy makes me truly most, most catastrophically plain nauseous to the point of me eventually having to end up on a hospital bed somewhere for practically weeks and weeks on end... so I critically rather won’t listen to him period.  He has abysmally no respect whatsoever.  His words throughout hold ABSOLUTELY no weight, meaning, or even a slightest, tiniest little speck of any dignity, honesty, rationale, or common sense whatsoever, either... no matter what.  And flatly nothing more whatsoever.  I mean, imagine if that same despicably boneheaded, soul-crushing personal attack of his was pointed at another amazing artist on deviantART, for absolutely no reason period just the same as it happened to me already — that said artist would NOT even tolerate or put up with any of that bull at all either, and instead just goes about his/her own business in creating even more phenomenal-quality new artworks, just like I am doing right now already!!!  :nod: :thumbsup: !!!

As such, ‘Ace’ had just better learn a most dead-serious, dead-serious valuable lesson from the great Greek Athenian philosopher named Socrates indeed who so deeply gives us this phenomenally quite outstanding statement: “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.”  And you know, that is most monumentally correct in this case, especially, because not only has ‘Ace’ NEVER even remotely known me or any of my artworks period, to be honest, but due to the extremely utterly ugly way he so smugly conjured up that entire comment of his about me indeed in the very first place as a rottenly desperate way of him solely defending nothing more than just some disastrously made-up and most explicitly utter-worthless so-called quicksand ‘craze’ of his indeed, ‘Ace’ sure knows quite dilapidatedly plain nothing period about the real and true sexuality of women in art whatsoever, all too damn apparently as well!!  And sexuality *does not* mean porn or BDSM or even fatally-so-called ‘XXX’ either, let’s get that right for honestly plain sure, also!!!  :nod:

I mean, just un-FUCKING-believable!!!  :x :thumbsdown: !!!  Now THAT is quite far-and-away the most utterly nihilistically slanderous, spectacularly hypocritical, and most sardonically ugliest-ass case of bullying that that most vilest-ass lowlife ‘Ace’ has ever, ever, ever done in his whole entire lie-and-smear campaign against me that he clearly did out-and-out deliberately indeed without even a *tiniest* little shred of remorse at all, in which you can truly and oh-so-very-easily see the most grossest heinous extent on which he and the entire YouTube/internet quicksand fetish-porn community on their very entire internet porn forumboard elsewhere knowingly well-planned all that there on purpose indeed in an incredibly most jawdroppingly atrocious fashion against me, wilfully and flat-out deliberately without any shame whatsoever — especially in the way that they TOTALLY 100% defended him and that entire character-assassination message of his without even anywhere *near* a slightest, slightest issue or oversight with him at all, too!!!  Period, absolutely final, done.  WOW, that really, really, really got way under my skin to where it all horridly, horridly affected me, my physical health, and even my emotions all quite very catastrophically as well to where they came within a slightest razor-thin thread of fully shattering me personally for life... and in the absolute worsest possible case from within the last year alone in the wake of those scumbag attacks that they did to me (combined with all those hundreds to thousands of bedbugs as well that were constantly plaguing me indeed!!!), I would have EASILY taken down my entire artwork gallery and closed my dA account forever due to all that bullying from that most utterly and patently reprobate YouTube/internet fetish-porn community that actually *most unbelievably* jacks off to seeing endless, copycat tropes/portrayals of helpless women sinking and quite potentially being sucked fatally to their deaths in quicksand/mud/bogs/tar in so many twisted and repugnant ways that they do nonstop on a literal day-to-day basis... and if I were to close my account up like that right there from all within this past year indeed, my entire digitalBRILLIANCE group right here would quite potentially have been gone and forever wiped away from the very face of our very own entire deviantART community as well, possibly ruining such a tremendously and most powerfully inspiring digital-art group for all of us, since I, Adigun Azikiwe Polack ( AdigunPolack ), am the Official Founder of digitalBRILLIANCE in the first place since I first originally launched it way back on Friday, December 4th, 2009.  In fullest essence, that entire YouTube/internet quicksand porn-fetish community on their own forumboard would quite easily have completely destroyed this very dA art group indeed for good as well!!!  It was just too, too, TOO plain mother-fricking much for me to even risk at this point.  But noooooooooooooo, I WAS NOT ABOUT to even remotely let all those enormous-time “quicksand porn” assholes win.  Ever.  Because what they all did to me in deliberate entirety right there is exactly the kind of catastrophically meaningless bullying/defamation that I am talking about, and quite frankly, it has to just fucking flatly stop once and for all.  THE TORMENT ENDS HERE.  PERIOD.  Police !!!

So, as for all that ‘Ace’ has so smugly and most thuggishly said about me, that is such a rather *extraordinarily* bad idea but I am very fucking glad he said all that because ‘Ace’ himself is just utterly and most totally monumentally wrong period about practically everything regarding both me and all of my own artworks on dA.  Totally very, very, very, very wrong for him indeed, without exception.  :no: !!!  Of course I am not gonna even listen to any of his colossally stupid speeches at all.  Furthermore, I am gonna run it all down for you in much more fuller (and rather even more clearest) detail bit-by-bit just to show all of you in a most splendidly and most realistically truthful way possible that all of that bullying and character defamation he did to me is MOST VERY FLATLY NOT OKAY period, ladies and gentlemen, based from within that excellent little discussion between me and a truly amazing artist (and such a most phenomenal friend of mine, also!!  :D :thumbsup: !!! ) named Teddy-Cube when I successfully returned to deviantART on March 2014 in a middle of a serious, serious recovery both health-wise and quite emotionally as well, to which I have *very* flatly said the following in specific:

Clearly, that entire message from ‘Ace’ about me and my artworks right there is so fatally closed-minded that it flatly should NOT have even been said period, let’s get that absolutely damned straight!!!  EVER.  I just cannot even begin to wrap my head around any of what he said there, because it all quite incontestably makes rather zero sense at all.  Read: NONE.  I mean, notice closely how he first began his message with these seven opening words that were clearly said about me, for starters:

    Oh my god, please, not that guy.

...before he most wilfully started this whole pointless, vituperatively viperous tirade against both me and *all* of my own entire artworks that are already on deviantART in which he came off literally as nothing more than such an insanely plain spoiled, incredibly pettiest, and most wildly damned petulant quixotic brat who didn’t get his way and his way most exclusively at all... it just DOES NOT even leave half a good first-impression at all on him in the slightest, does it, Teddy-Cube?  No, I disagree!  And on top of that, that complete whole message there of his indeed was first written at the *exact* time that me and my mom were disastrously suffering still from literally hundreds to thousands of rather disgusting blood-sucking bedbugs and their eggs and mess, just several months before my mom and I finally got rid of at least quite about 100% of them all by around the very, very end of Summer 2013.  Poltroonish and very maddening to say the least, especially considering that I do not even remotely know the guy at all, let alone even fucking met him period to begin with!!!

“I wish I were kidding”, that guy ‘Ace’ says!?  Well his wish only about him most grossly kidding me indeed has certainly been disastrously granted in full and then some, because he deliberately took that entire message of his so CATASTROPHICALLY way out of context (for example, his ill-concocted phrase of ‘quicksand fetishists’ that he vastly speaks for actually meant exclusively about those many certain people — both on the web and especially on YouTube as well — that are so completely and most pervertedly obsessed nonstop in a jaw-droppingly brazen way quite deliberately on the whole frightening and overly empty portrayal of helpless women struggling and sinking towards being literally swallowed alive in quicksand (and stuff like that) for good like artificially weighted-down anchors, as well as mainly on internet quicksand pornography/BDSM (or bondage, domination, and sado-masochism is what the term ‘BDSM’ indeed most literally stands for, by the way!) that is ever-so-heavily built around an entire oversaturatedly recycled, stagnantly repetitive, and already dead-in-the-water TV/movie ‘quicksand-peril’ genre cliché that had been completely copycat nonstop over the many countless decades even to this *very* current latest day as well, believe it or not, even when he was just mixing it all around and twisting up that so-called ‘catch phrase’ of his to make it sound more ‘innocent’ than it REALLY actually is at all, quite frankly!!  Upset !! ) and blowing it all literally out of proportion regarding me, my artworks, my custom art/writing style, and even my own custom deviantART artwork front-page too, not only making me sound like a total fucking snobby, pig-faced, brashly curt megalomaniac hypocrite (when really, I very honestly AM NOT ONE period, by the way!!  No, I disagree! !!! ), but also, in a virulently repugnant move, ‘Ace’ flatly makes it all sound like an all-too-overhyped, downright ugly, yet rather utterly pointless religious/political gay-sex scandal at around the end of his own writing in an attempt to smear me even further, too... boy, that is just so apocalyptically insulting and just gruesomely plain wrongheaded indeed, the way he fabricated that whole entire thing as nothing more than just a total pissheaded lie about me from start to finish in entirety that quite about plain shattered apart my self-confidence completely for all time — and I *especially* did not appreciate that ‘caught with a male prostitute’ remark that he also said about me without any littlest, barest ounce of remorse period, either; made me so unbelievably sick to my rather stomach in addition to the tons and tons of ever-wretched bedbugs that I had a whoppingly huge problem getting rid of already!!!  Homosexuality is NOT EVEN THE SLIGHTEST ISSUE here at all, so just why the big-time hell did he even bring that up for!?  What pure hateful, despicably demoralizing, swinishly putrid, and most ever-dementedly whackjob lunacy indeed, the way that utter cretinous prick ‘Ace’ simply wrote all that and simply attacked me and purposefully dehumanized me so viciously, all in the very rather name of some entire internet quicksand-porn community as if he was so proud in cold blood of what he did based entirely on that cheeky and most snippiest ‘holier-than-thou’ tone of his from within his own writing about me for the rather first time right there!!  Tip of the most rottenest overgrown iceberg for him indeed.  I mean, what kind of narcissistic, psychopathically misbegotten asshole does that charlatan guy take me for, anyway!?  Wow ohhhhhhh WOW, has he picked quite the wrong person to mess with or what, Teddy-Cube my most wonderful man, because you know what, had that person even became a member of dA and made that very same personal attack/defamation (or such like that) on my own pages or on any of my artwork deviations on deviantART, I would MOST FLATLY have reported his coldly stinking-rotten churlish ass in a rather heartbeat without even the slightest split-seconds’  hesitation, quite definitely!!!  What an outright, outright scumbag thing for him to say that about me indeed, as flat-out as ever... because it turns out after all that it is he who is the real gigantic hypocrite (except he SURE made one out of himself on all of that!), and very grossly so, at that!!

It’s just no wonder I had never even remotely had a slightest half-a-chance to create a single brand new artwork on deviantART in quite more than AN ENTIRE WHOLE YEAR STRAIGHT ever since the past, past Christmas of 2012, while my mom and I had to deal with and overcome tons of bedbugs that were most constantly eating us alive nonstop day by every single rather day at that complete time indeed!!!

Yeah, I was that bothered... no, extremely, EXTREMELY RED-HOT ANGERED AND OUTRAGED SO CATASTROPHICALLY by that guy’s entire vitriolic, scaremongering, quack-ball comment  — and *quite* plain rightfully so, too!!  Furious !!!  If ‘Ace’ even dares to ever remotely claim that that is not such avariciously disgusting behavior from him, then sad fucking day for him and then some, because it IS completely rather both astronomically egregious and most scathingly disgusting coming from him indeed on the back of what he said throughout about me in the first place.  And in the second place, if he thinks he has successfully bullied, coerced, condemned, silenced, and cowered me severely into never, ever, ever, ever creating any more new artworks on dA at all period as if his whole message there indeed was the absolute final, final word about me for all time... HE IS JUST TOTALLY DOWNRIGHT PLAIN UTTERLY WRONG for sure permanently.  I mean, enough is just plain, plain enough.

...and for even more context on what I am talking about as well as even more of my own personal true feelings about this whole entire issue, please go right here immediately where I courageously discuss even more with Teddy-Cube on how I actually on-rather-purpose rose up all the way and most successfully overcame all that painfully extreme and most atrociously horrible suffering/abuse that I have gone through... it’s quite an extraordinarily plain powerful story about how one person like myself can make such a truly positive, POSITIVE difference ( :w00t!: :thumbsup: !!! ), just grandly inspiring the inner being in *literally* all of us to just flatly say “NO” to both bullying and character discrimination/assassination of all types, shapes, and forms period, just because we’re doing our own artworks in a very specific way that someone else didn’t like at all.

Pardon me so very, very, very deeply please.  That is why I very truly need all your amazing support and then rather some, considering all the hundreds and thousands of live bedbugs, some serious health complications, and that egregiously reprehensible character-assassination from ‘Ace’ that I flatly, flatly, flatly did not even half-deserve at all in the first place.  I mean, like I very stately said, it all horridly, horridly affected me, my physical health, and even my own emotions all quite very catastrophically to the point where I was *almost* shattered personally for life!!!   :faint: !!  I am a truly sensitive person, after all.  So please, do understand quite how I really and most genuinely feel on all of this, as it has been practically more than a year since I had been quite immensely homesick to the point where I have completely missed both deviantART and digitalBRILLIANCE alike as a result of all of those horrid things.   And even as you are reading this most importantly special blog piece, I am currently slowly yet very surely recovering right now, where I want to be fully, FULLY well again physically and emotionally.  Please, keep me in your deepest prayers and thoughts, especially as a very first step right here towards FINALLY shattering the ever-most viciously detestable cycle of bullying and abuse.  :pray: :hug:

And by the way, my birthday is in just a few days at the very time of this writing, in which it is actually on May 28th, 2014 where I *actually* turn 37 years old.  Something to just as especially keep in mind as well!!  :floating: :star: !!!

:clap: :clap: :party: :cake: :clap: :clap:

This entire blog piece on :icondigitalbrilliance: is especially rather wholeheartedly dedicated to literally every single person out there who has been bullied at some point or more in his/her own life, and just wants the bullying to flat-out end as most seriously as I personally, personally do as well.  I mean, MY HEART REALLY GOES OUT TO YOU EVER SO DEEPLY AND TRULY, as this is surely a war that we all must, *must* positively plain win, so to quite speak!!!  :cuddle: :heart: !!!

And my heart *also* goes out to the main character from the Broken Adults Flash comic by LittlePurplePlums just as extremely deeply and personally as ever, too.  :nod:

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